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Saturday, September 13, 2014

The four modes 

Since before dawn of human history man, through his senses has created  imagery of himself and the spirits that populated his world.  At a lost point in history wild troupes of humans began to wander barefoot out of the wilderness for the safety of  a community.After having partially abandoning the natural  world  they then had need then to bring a sense of order or to reconcile themselves to his ever new world. There at the genesis of culture as the challenges of an changing landscape grew in complexity abstract ideas
had need to develop.

Its a difficult thing to keep one's outlook on the world fresh as it was in youth. This is why we are drawn to imagery, words, sound, and motion. The four modes to which biology translates the outside world into our thoughts from our senses. In a previous post I noted how in art  there is little hope in capturing anything close to a simulacrum of an experience. Despite this being any artists abiding dream I still believe it to be true. It however may never have been the point of art in the first place. Could it be rather the exercise itself or the discovery of a new manner of seeing to which we are moved? Serendipity or a happy accident could this be from where original thought springs forth? There an all seeing subconscious that never sleeps and a biological system sifting through reams of input are combined to create a new "vision".

Göbekli Tepe

Our ancestors looked to these four modes as a means of bringing flesh to ideas that had no natural equivalence. weather it be the beating of a drum to capture a fleeting rhythm or a line to define the  edge of a real or an imaginary form. Even it today's world where serious discourse is dominated by scientific ideas there remains a desire to pull from the realm of perception something more. So perhaps the artist as modern day shaman can lead us out of the wilderness to a new landscape.

So in this spirit I have conducted a little experiment. Please forgive me however despite my intentions I suspect the following to be a bit pretentious.;pageID=3117953744996442538;onPublishedMenu=pages;onClosedMenu=pages;postNum=0;src=pagename

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